video game design // 1

hi i’m beia and this used to be an art portfolio tumblr (look at my better portfolio here!). now it’s essentially a digital sketchbook to keep track of my art-ing processes, partially because i was assigned to for my video game design class, partially to prove to myself that i am doing meaningful and productive things with my life and learning and growing as a person because i tend to forget sometimes.

in any case, i am in need of a serious internet presence to sell myself on as an artist anyway, so, there’s that. i guess we’ll start with a video of the first game i made ever (in this class) (the real first video game i made was with a partner in my high school AP computer science class where we made a parody of Cat Mario). i was fucking around in stencyl and made a million players instead of just one because i thought it would be hilarious. half of them fall into a pit and they die before the game progresses anywhere. the concept is quite simple really.

sorry it’s not screenshotted because i did this on a friend’s computer (guess who came unprepared) so my apologies for the quality. the upside is you can hear prof. matt kenyon’s lovely voice in the background.

needless to say i scrapped this game completely. it’s going through further iterations. hopefully by the end of this week i’ll have an actual, relatively more clever game! but with 17 credits and ballroom competition and 15+ hours of dancing per week i’ve been riding the hot mess express and hoping for the best. i am launching full force into crisis mode and incidentally that’s when i create some of my best work. wish me luck :(