final game finished!!!!!!

the assignment was a “serious game” which makes a statement about the production and consumption of mobile devices. i made a super minimal game about a dude who basically falls in love with his iPod/iPhone. there is only one outcome and it is that you lose all your friends. the main game mechanic is that the human user is unplayable, and follows the iPod actor (which you play/control). the iPod doesn’t die because it has infinite replaceability.

this is partially inspired by my many meals spent alone in the dining hall this past year watching netflix on my iPod rather than socializing. but this is an overly exaggerated version of that instance!! and hey, sometimes i just like eating alone.


i am officially done with my freshman year work :)

this is a cautionary tale. this game portrays the social repercussions of becoming best friends with your smartphone. many humans are afflicted with this emotional dependency.

you play as the smartphone, but since your human user is so attached to you, he follows you around everywhere and will do whatever you do. the human’s friends—a source of socialization and happiness—are a threat to your existence, so they must be destroyed. arrow keys to move.