Holy Tits, Batman! Where did you all come from!??

I just flew into New York to find 10 messages in my inbox (I never get messages yo), and hundreds of you new lovely followers! Hi! Wow!

Apparently the pizza gif (which I did during a boring lecture, out of boredom) made the radar. It now has over 9000 notes. I really wish I had a screenshot of when it happened, but it looks like it changes after the date. (Shot in the dark, if any of you would randomly happen to have a screenshot of your dash with my pizza on the bottom right corner, that’d be so dope.)

Ummmmmmmmm I am actually freaking out. I’m happy to be able to connect with so many more people and thanks for deciding to come along with me on this creative journey. I’m gonna keep doing me and doing you too and hope you enjoy the ride. Was that weird to say? I’ll just leave it in there.

Still shaking. This is important because my life is 99% virtual and I’m glad to see it’s getting somewhere. You are important.


Love love love,


(PS: If you care to stalk me elsewhere, here is my youtubetwitter, and instagram. Cheers, internet!)


final game finished!!!!!!

the assignment was a “serious game” which makes a statement about the production and consumption of mobile devices. i made a super minimal game about a dude who basically falls in love with his iPod/iPhone. there is only one outcome and it is that you lose all your friends. the main game mechanic is that the human user is unplayable, and follows the iPod actor (which you play/control). the iPod doesn’t die because it has infinite replaceability.

this is partially inspired by my many meals spent alone in the dining hall this past year watching netflix on my iPod rather than socializing. but this is an overly exaggerated version of that instance!! and hey, sometimes i just like eating alone.


i am officially done with my freshman year work :)

this is a cautionary tale. this game portrays the social repercussions of becoming best friends with your smartphone. many humans are afflicted with this emotional dependency.

you play as the smartphone, but since your human user is so attached to you, he follows you around everywhere and will do whatever you do. the human’s friends—a source of socialization and happiness—are a threat to your existence, so they must be destroyed. arrow keys to move.

board game design // 2

i transformed this SORRY! board from its original shitty pastel-clashing state using what seems to be my own developing visual vocabulary: glitch art. it appeared in my video game and it’s now percolating here. i collaged a ton of shredded photographs, papers, magazine pages and things into strips, creating an implied glitchy appearance that reflects the backwards, seemingly unfriendly nature of the game.

it went from hideous pastels to hideous neon trippy rave shit.

the finished board and packaging.

board game design // 1

the object of this assignment is to take a well-known game and alter its rules in a significant way. i chose the board game SORRY! because i found an (incomplete) box of it at a thrift shop for 50 cents.


the changes i made turned it into what is essentially a reverse SORRY!—while the object of the original game is normally to knock out other opponents in your slide-pursuit quest around the board and back home, in any situation where you are about to send an opponent to the starting position, you politely excuse yourself, say “sorry” (sincerely!), and send yourself back home. some working titles are “SORRY! (but actually though),” “Canadian Sou-rry,” and “PARDON.”



now that i’ve changed the game conceptually, i just need to change it aesthetically. having a physical board and pieces from an existing game (craftsmanship is already solid!) will be an incredibly useful foundation for graphic alterations.


video game design // 1

hi i’m beia and this used to be an art portfolio tumblr (look at my better portfolio here!). now it’s essentially a digital sketchbook to keep track of my art-ing processes, partially because i was assigned to for my video game design class, partially to prove to myself that i am doing meaningful and productive things with my life and learning and growing as a person because i tend to forget sometimes.

in any case, i am in need of a serious internet presence to sell myself on as an artist anyway, so, there’s that. i guess we’ll start with a video of the first game i made ever (in this class) (the real first video game i made was with a partner in my high school AP computer science class where we made a parody of Cat Mario). i was fucking around in stencyl and made a million players instead of just one because i thought it would be hilarious. half of them fall into a pit and they die before the game progresses anywhere. the concept is quite simple really.

sorry it’s not screenshotted because i did this on a friend’s computer (guess who came unprepared) so my apologies for the quality. the upside is you can hear prof. matt kenyon’s lovely voice in the background.

needless to say i scrapped this game completely. it’s going through further iterations. hopefully by the end of this week i’ll have an actual, relatively more clever game! but with 17 credits and ballroom competition and 15+ hours of dancing per week i’ve been riding the hot mess express and hoping for the best. i am launching full force into crisis mode and incidentally that’s when i create some of my best work. wish me luck :(