Beiatrix Pedrasa is a 23-year-old multimedia artist from New York City. A recent graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in Art & Design, she is passionate about digital art and online media creation. Her skill set includes comics and illustration, video editing, animation, graphic design, web development, and social media.

Beiatrix solidified an interest in visual storytelling in the summer of 2011, when she took a course in the Graphic Novel at Stanford University. Her short graphic novel, “Attract Mode,” received a Random House Award for Creative Writing in 2012. She moved on to study Art and Design at the University of Michigan, where she pursued a multidisciplinary curriculum. Between classes and work, she created posters, GIFs, and other marketing material as a freelance designer for various organizations around campus. She received a certification in Project Management during her senior year. Throughout her time at art school, she built a presence on Tumblr by sharing her sketches, animations, and comics, as she loves making work for fun and entertaining others.

She has been showing work since her first exhibition at 2010, when her painting was accepted in a teen art exhibit at the MoMA. In 2013, she showed several paintings at the Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, and has five sketchbooks that live permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library. At college, she has shown graphic novels at the Work Gallery and the Street Gallery in Ann Arbor, and a video in the UM Play Gallery. She directed and curated her own art show, “Spacetime Canvas,” at the Warren Robbins Gallery in 2014.

Her work experience consists of 2.5 years of media consulting at Groundworks Media Lab, where she learned about media conversion, provided users with tech support, and printed posters. As a freelancer she produced posters, GIFs, videos, and web design for clients such as TEDxUofM, The Stamps School of Art & Design, The Duderstadt Center, Frando, and Rockwell Group.

She is currently working full-time as a graphic designer in New York City, as she continues to sell her own art and share her creations online.


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